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A bit about me...  After 15 years of professional adventure guiding, I studied earth sciences to become a cartographer for Lonely Planet. I've since retrained as a counsellor and gained a psychology degree. I bring the experience of a life spent outdoors together with modern science to offer a thoughtful, balanced, and practical approach to counselling.

Karen Grant

Registered Counsellor

Modern life is challenging. Cost of living, natural disasters, loss of life, climate change - the impacts are formidable and pervasive. You may be experiencing stress, anxiety, and/or despair. There is extra pressure on relationships as different perspectives create tension within families and across communities. Many people experience grief for what has already been lost. Your mental health may often be neglected as you struggle to just stay afloat.

My practice focuses on the psychological impacts of these big challenges, providing counselling to relieve anxiety, reduce despair, and restore relationships.


I offer a unique counselling experience. My practice is conducted mainly outdoors. The lack of formality suits many people, as does the restorative atmosphere of the natural environment.


Using proven therapies and a down-to-earth approach, I can help you understand and overcome challenges to live your most fulfilling and wholehearted life.

Karen Grant, relationship counsellor, beach, outdoor counselling

Areas of Expertise

Eco-anxiety & Climate Change Distress
Life Transitions & Change
Families & Relationships
Grief & Loss

outdoor counselling, sit & chat, Walk & talk, climate change

What you can expect from me

  • To be heard - completely and without judgement

  • To gain insight and understanding - through discussion and therapy

  • To be supported - with empathy and connection

  • To experience positive change - both personally and in relationships

The Right Fit

The success of therapy relies on the relationship between you and your therapist. We need to be the right fit.
I start from the position that problems need fixing, not people. I weave the natural environment into my sessions, even when it's not possible to be outside. If this sounds like a good fit, I encourage you to start with the Introductory Session, a 15 minute chat on the phone where you can assess our connection. There's no obligation and no charge.

Learn more about Outdoor Counselling in this ABC article.

Areas of Expertise
outdoor counselling, coastal track, walk & talk, sit & chat, climate change
outdoor counselling, nature, environment

Contact Me

Click Book Online for details of sessions including dates, times and costs.

Feel free to book an Introductory Counselling Session to learn more about me and how we might work together.

Some frequently asked questions are answered here in my tips for approaching counselling.

My Fee Schedule is transparent and aims to provide access to counselling regardless of your financial circumstances.

You'll find my privacy policy here and consent form here.

Please use the message box below for all other inquiries.

Karen Grant

B. Psychological Science, Dip. Counselling

Hobart, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

0493 555 606

ACA Registration 16563

ABN 93 137 384 698

WwVP Registration 770103554

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